Here's the stories of these three Golfs.

The white one was a one owner from new low mileage car that was taken in part exchange at the VW dealers in Wolverhampton but too old to be put on the forecourt for sale. It ended it's life when some dick head tried to rob my other half of the shops takings late on a Saturday night on the M54. The driver of the other car left the scene after it caused a chain of catastrophic events including one car ending up on it's roof. These seem to be the only two pictures I have of it, they are the only two I can find.

This Driver was bought to replace the white Driver. This one came to a sticky end when a skip lorry driver changed lanes into me on the dual carriageway out side Morrison's in Bilston...The driver wrote me a cheque for the 400 it owed me there and then...

Driver number three was bought to replace the previous red one. I sold this when the neighbours started to complain about the amount of cars (Golf's) we had parked on the road out side the house, and their houses. Excellent car, a bit of rust on the bottom of both doors but other than that very clean. Should have kept it and had the doors done.

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